Types of Business Litigation Every Owner Needs to Know About

Before opening any type of business, it’s wise to know what types of legal challenges for which you need to be prepared. However, the landscape of business litigation is complex. Mitigating and managing risks (even before they happen) is pivotal to success should your company ever find itself facing a lawsuit. Be prepared to avoid these types of business litigation and maintain stability and profitability with these tips in mind. If you need a business litigation attorney to protect your business from litigation in The Woodlands, Spring, or Houston, TX, contact Tough Law Firm.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Situations where someone may be using your intellectual property without your permission require fast action. The most common situations business owners face are infringement upon trademarks and copyrights and cases where someone is potentially disclosing trade secrets of the company. This is when a civil litigation attorney can protect you and fight for a claim on your behalf.

Employment Disputes

If an employee steps out of line with non-disclosure agreements, you have a valid claim against them. Should a member of your team decide to sue you for wrongful termination, working in a hostile environment, discrimination or harassment, you need an advocate on your side. Many of these issues can be prevented with legal counsel upon the start up of your business. Legal experts can help you create a solid work environment that can help stave off such complaints by showing you how to avoid any type of unintentional discrimination or disparate job conditions.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

There is a high risk that a company arranged with partners and shareholders will face disputes at some point. When collaborators or part owners can’t see eye to eye concerning the operations of the company, a lawsuit situation can arise. Having a plan in place to deal with these issues can prevent costly litigation through key legal protections.

Breach of Contract Cases

It is pertinent for all parties involved in a contract live up to their end of the agreement once legally binding. In situations where one party fails to fulfill the agreed upon terms, the party claiming negligence can sue the other for any perceived damages via financial compensation or dissolution of the agreement due to the breach of contract.

Product Liability Claims

Should your company offer a service or product that proves to be faulty and results in some type of damage to the consumer, your company and/or the manufacturer can be held liable. Product liability lawsuits can be complicated and lead to personal injury claims as well.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can stem from faulty products or services that result in harm to the consumer. They can also be brought about should a worker or patron visit your establishment and be injured.

The Importance of Having a Business Litigation Attorney

Should your company face any of these litigation cases, you need to have someone backing you up with information. A reliable civil and business litigation lawyer can help you prevent cases, give you advice concerning statutes of limitations in addition to providing details about the best court system to seek resolution. Smart entrepreneurs will work closely with an attorney before opening operations and maintain one throughout the course of their ownership.

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