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26 Mar

When to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

Knowing when to hire an attorney to represent you can be crucial after an automobile accident. The consultation is free, but the difference will last a lifetime.

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11 Nov

What Happens if My Estate and Will are Not Probated?

If a will and its estate are not probated properly within the expected amount of time, that will can then become useless or invalid.

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21 Oct

Why You Should Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident

If you are experiencing pain following a car accident, there are a number of reasons why you should contact an attorney quickly after the accident.

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25 Sep

Understanding the Texas Disaster Act

Answering questions about the Texas Disaster Act.

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18 Aug

Covid-19 Face Mask Practices in Harris County

It remains important to continue to check on current restrictions in your area before heading out.

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06 Jul

Montgomery and Harris County Offices COVID-19 Status

Montgomery & Harris County government offices are generally open during regular business hours with modifications to protect the public and employees.

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16 Jun

Law Services by Zoom

The decision to shift law procedures from the courtroom to a virtual seems simple, it has brought to the surface an abundance of procedural questions.

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14 May

It’s Time to Get Tough!

Business owners need to make tough decisions and will need an experienced lawyer that knows how to navigate through these tough times.

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22 Apr

Force Majure: What Does It Mean, and Why Does It Matter?

You may hear the term Force Majure used a lot. What does that really mean, and how could it help you? Here’s what you need to know about this unusual term.

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16 Mar

Montgomery County Texas Courts

Montgomery County Texas Courts – From getting birth records or paying a ticket to fighting claims against you, these facilities are hubs you may visit.

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01 Feb

Voting 2020 – Montgomery County, Texas

Important dates and locations for the 2020 election year in Montgomery County, Texas.

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29 Jan

Common HOA Legal Disputes

The most common legal issues you can face involving the HOA or another type of property owner’s association fall into two main categories: homeowner breach of contract and HOA breach of contract. 

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