Montgomery County, Texas Courts

Montgomery County is a burgeoning community that boasts several cities including its namesake Montgomery, The Woodlands, Shenandoah and the county seat of Conroe, TX. In fact, it is in the city of Conroe in which the majority of Montgomery County, Texas Courts are situated for most of the legal needs of this region. From getting birth records or paying a ticket to fighting claims against you, these facilities are hubs you may visit.

Montgomery County, TX Civil Courts

The Civil Court system in Montgomery County handles most types of disputes and litigation of lawsuits—essentially cases that aren’t criminal in nature. This is also the court that schedules jury duty for county residents and processes court records for civil cases, passports and birth and death records and case research. Some types of civil issues resolved here include:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Class Action Lawsuits
  • Property and Real Estate Disputes
  • Tort Claims
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Equity Disputes

The Civil Courts have the authority to hear disputes, post trial motions, trial proceedings and appellate reviews.

Montgomery County Justice of the Peace

There are five Justice of the Peace Courts in Montgomery County, and this is where those with traffic citations and Class C misdemeanors appear on scheduled dates to resolve their case. Warrants and failure to appear citations are issued through the JPs office, and small claims courts are held here as well. Writs of re-entry, retrieval and restoration are issued, along with magistration of defendants and fugitives of justice. In addition to wedding licenses and informal weddings, the JPs office also offers state self-help services.

Montgomery County Texas Family Courts & District Clerk

The Family Courts in Montgomery County is where the District Clerks office is located. It is here that families go when there is a need to file a child support claim or process related paperwork. Family disputes will be handled at this court and new suits can be filed here. This office is the hub for all case searches throughout the county court system and is also where finance and registry procedures are finalized. Community members may be called for jury duty here, and passports can be processed at the District Clerks office, as well.

Montgomery County, TX Appellate Court

The state of Texas has 14 separate appellate courts in which certain cases that have been heard previously at a lower level court that desire to appeal the final verdict. Currently, citizens of Montgomery County visit the Ninth Court of Appeals in Beaumont, TX. The Ninth Court of Appeals has one chief justice and three chief justices that hear appellate cases and make a determination to do one of the following:

  • Affirm the verdict of the lower court, meaning the case stands as is.
  • Reversing the decision of the lower court and ordering a new trial or dropping the charges.
  • Remanding the case to another trial court.

Getting in touch with the right court can be tricky, but a quick call to the District Clerk’s office or visiting the Montgomery County Court system’s website will get you steered in the right direction. Need legal help? Call the Tough Law Firm today at 281-681-0808.

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