Strange Texas Laws

In many states, there are still quirky and strange laws on the books. Some of these laws made sense at the time, while other laws made no sense then and still do not make sense today. Getting an old law taken off the books can be time-consuming and costly, so in most cases, the craziest and quirkiest laws are simply just not enforced. Here are a few of some of the crazy laws that Texas still has. 

No Eating Your Neighbor’s Trash

In the state of Texas, one of the quirky laws that is on the book is that it is illegal to eat your neighbors trash, or eat out of any public dumpsters. One can image that this law was put into place for public health reasons, but it is unconscionable to imagine someone who is already so down on their luck that they are eating out of dumpsters being arrested for doing so. 

No Walking Barefoot

Another one of the quirky laws that is still in place in the state of Texas is that you legally cannot walk around barefoot outside of your property. Once again, this is thought to be a law implemented for public safety; helping to prevent the spread of foot fungus and injuries. If you want to walk around barefoot, you must purchase a $5 permit. Businesses have a no shoes, no service policy, so this law takes things a little too far. 

You Cannot Sell Your Organs

One of the laws that may make sense but not make sense at the same time is the law that prohibits you from selling your organs. In the state of Texas, you are not allowed to sell organs, including but not limited to your heart, your eyes, your kidneys, your liver or your lungs. It may be hard to believe that someone would try to sell these organs, but in case you were thinking of doing so, it’s a no-go. You are however allowed to sell blood and hair legally within the state. 

No Windshield, No Problem

The final law that is still valid in Texas that may leave you scratching your head is the no windshield, no problem law. By law, you can operate a vehicle that does not have a windshield. However, you cannot operate a vehicle that does not have windshield wipers. It does not make a lot of sense to have wipers that clean the air, so this law makes zero sense to sensible people. 

While there are many strange laws that may not make a lot of sense, there are numerous laws that Texas has that make plenty of sense and are enforceable. Here at The Tough Law Firm, we can help you in a number of different fields, including business litigation, family law, civil litigation, landlord and tenant laws and real estate law. If you have a question about filing a lawsuit or are defendant in a case and need an attorney to help you, turn to us and let us help explain the laws that affect your case and help you with your Texas case. 

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