Tough Law Firm Wins Big for Conroe City Voters

For Immediate Release: 03/29/2024
Contact: Courtland Pettigrew
Tough Law Firm

Two Weeks. Two Hearings. Two Appeals. Four Victories. Safeguarding Voter Rights in Montgomery County.

On the afternoon of March 13, Tough Law Firm was hired to join a team of lawyers representing the rights of voters in the City of Conroe, Texas – particularly, the right of said voters to select incumbent Councilmembers Todd Yancey and Curt Maddux as they seek public office in the upcoming local elections. In a whirlwind saga of filings and courtroom hearings, the team successfully staved off last-ditch attempts by Mr. Yancey and Mr. Maddux’s political opponents to remove them from the upcoming Conroe City Council Elections on May 4th.

Over the course of two weeks, we endured tense hearings and hours of deposition testimony to secure multiple victories for our clients and the voters of Conroe – not just in the trial court, but the Honorable Ninth Circuit Appellate Court as well. Our victory culminated in a successful trial this past Monday, where our clients’ political opponents failed to overcome their burden of evidence to show that the technical defects on Mr. Yancey and Mr. Maddux’s ballot applications warranted removing them from the ballot less than 40 days from the election. In the aftermath of trial, we received even greater news – the appellate court, in a brief opinion, rejected the political opponents’ voluminous filings and rejected their attempts to seek appellate review,” said Bruce Tough, Principal and Founding Attorney, Tough Law Firm.

As legal contests surrounding the upcoming 2024 Federal Elections ramp up around the country, we are proud to have supported Montgomery County and the voters of Conroe in broadening their access to qualified candidates,” he added.

In an age where hyper-partisans increasingly turn to the judicial system in attempts to rig elections in favor of their preferred candidates, Tough Law Firm remains committed to doing its part to promote free, fair, and vigorous elections.

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Courtland Pettigrew

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