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20 May

The Woodlands, TX Summer Events 2019

Although it may seem hard to believe, we are already halfway through spring and summer 2019 will be here before you know it.

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18 Apr

Debt Collection: Letter, Lawsuit, Enforcing Judgments in Texas

If a client has failed to pay their bills, Texas law has specific procedures to follow to help you collect the debt and to be made whole.

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20 Mar

Questions to Ask a Lawyer During a Consultation

Hiring a lawyer is a huge decision no matter why you need one. The good news is that most legal firms, including Tough Law Firm, offer free legal consultations to help you determine if the lawyer is a good fit for your needs.

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06 Feb

New Laws for Texas in 2019

The new year means a new set of laws and legal requirements; many of these changes are expansions or modifications of existing laws and are designed to enhance lives and protect citizens. Here are the latest changes to Texas law in 2019:

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10 Jan

How is the Government Shutdown Affecting Texans?

The United States in now in the third week of a partial shutdown of the federal government. Here in Houston, as everywhere else in the U.S., people are wondering what may be the consequences to their own lives if the shutdown continues deeper into 2019.

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18 Dec

Harris County & Montgomery County 2019 Holidays

The holidays are hectic. Even places like courthouses and government offices are busy, because people are trying to get things done while they have some time-off from work. Here are the upcoming holidays for both Harris and Montgomery Counties, so you can plan your schedule without any surprises.

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07 Nov

Who is Bruce Tough?

If you live in The Woodlands area you may have heard the name Bruce Tough, but why? Who is he? Bruce Tough is the Founder and Managing Shareholder of Tough Law Firm. But founding a law firm in The Woodlands is not all he’s known for. In fact, Bruce and his family have been involved in The Woodlands community for decades.

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29 Oct

What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Living Will?

A will is a legal document by which an individual expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be managed after their demise. A living will is a statement indicating a person’s desires in regards to future medical treatments when they are no longer able to issue an informed consent.

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03 Oct

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26 Sep

Celebration of Excellence: Glade Gallery

Bruce Tough recently attended the Celebration of Excellence event held at Glade Gallery and helped celebrate his good friend Steve Leakey’s selection as a Hometown Hero for 2018. Bruce along with his father, Coulson Tough, Gil Staley, and Barry Blanton are all previously recognized Hometown Hero’s.

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21 Sep

MCHC Monthly Luncheon: Missy Herndon, President & CEO

Board Member Bruce Tough recently attended the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber monthly September luncheon to see a presentation by their guest speaker Missy Herndon, CEO and President of Interfaith.

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17 Sep

How to Dissolve a Business Partnership

The decision may be taken by mutual consent or at the instigation of one or more partners. The process is of course easier if all partners are cooperating, but the law of partnerships in Texas can be complex, so it is always advisable to consult an attorney.

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