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25 Jun

Common Employment Law Disputes & Types of Employment Claims

Disputes between employees and employers are not new. They have been happening ever since the concept of employment began. Today, there are courses of action available to both employees and employers to help settle disputes of all kinds.

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20 Jun

Tough Law Firm Presents The Conflict Zone, a Vietnam War Photography Display at Glade Cultural Center

The Tough Law Firm is proud to present a nationally acclaimed exhibit, The Conflict Zone, a Vietnam War Photography Display of The 1st 30 Dog Tags from the Afghanistan & Iraqi War at Glade Cultural Center for an open house on July 2nd from 10AM – 1PM.

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18 May

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the branch of law that, essentially, governs the government. It focuses on what the administrative agencies within that government can do, and whether they are allowed to perform particular kinds of actions.

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09 May

5 Tips from a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer on Leases

The details in your commercial lease are things you will have to live with for the months and years to come. Negotiate the terms poorly and your company could be paying the price for a long time. It just makes good business sense to have a good commercial attorney review your lease before you sign anything.

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27 Apr

Non-Compete Lawyer on Enforcing Texas Non-Compete Agreements

There’s inevitably some element of risk in hiring people to work in your business, and wise employers will always take steps to minimize it.

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20 Mar

Real Estate Transactions and Lawyers

Real estate transactions and a lawyer must go hand-in-hand. This is because the transactions involve complexities, such as special practices and challenges, usually absent from other transactions.

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23 Feb

BSA’s Tall Timbers District Annual Business and Community Leadership Dinner 2018

Bruce Tough co-chaired the Tall Timbers Boy Scout Community and Leadership dinner this year, honoring Robert Marling as the Good Scout for 2018.

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13 Feb

Basics of Probate Law and Benefits of a Probate Attorney

After mourning the deceased, the unity and peace of mind among the family members and relatives may get disrupted if they cannot agree who’s to inherit what.

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01 Feb

Attorney Spotlight – Paula Hughes

Paula is a rarity in the world of law. With over 29 years of experience practicing law, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the Tough Law Firm.

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29 Jan

Attorney Spotlight – Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown describes his favorite areas of expertise as personal injury and business litigation – disputes and breach of contract. To find out more about Trevor and The Tough Law Firm, please visit www.toughlawfirm.net.

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23 Jan

Business Contracts and Reasons to Use a Contract Attorney

Every business will need a contract lawyer for legal advice regarding business contracts, selling and buying of businesses, lease agreements and more.

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26 Dec

I’ve Been in an Auto Accident: What Now?

You were just hit by a car. What now? Here are the steps to take to ensure you’ll be protected in the event of an injury.

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