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16 Mar

Montgomery County, Texas Courts

Montgomery County Texas Courts – From getting birth records or paying a ticket to fighting claims against you, these facilities are hubs you may visit.

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01 Feb

Montgomery County, Texas Voting – 2020

Important dates and locations for the 2020 election year in Montgomery County, Texas.

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29 Jan

HOA Litigation Attorneys on Contract Dispute Resolution

The most common legal issues you can face involving the HOA or another type of property owner’s association fall into two main categories: homeowner breach of contract and HOA breach of contract. 

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01 Jan

Types of Business Litigation Every Owner Needs to Know About

Mitigating and managing risks (even before they happen) is pivotal to success should your company ever find itself facing a lawsuit.

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30 Dec

How to Probate a Will or Resolve an Estate Under Texas Law

All the tasks to complete following the death of a loved one can seem overwhelming. Even more daunting is the prospect of trying to decide what should be done from a legal standpoint to resolve your loved one’s estate and property issues.

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02 Dec

Harris County & Montgomery County 2019 – 2020 Holidays

Holidays are hectic because we try to maximize our time-off of work. Here are the holidays for Harris & Montgomery Counties so you can plan accordingly.

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12 Nov

Corporate Gift Giving, Donations, and Texas Gift Card Law

Even personal gift giving has some legal issues involved — make sure you are ready to give and receive gifts this holiday season, or any time of year. 

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16 Oct

Estate Planning Checklist: Power of Attorney, Trusts & Will

Here is a checklist that you should follow when determining if your legal affairs are in order. 

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18 Sep

Unique Clauses in Famous Last Will and Testaments

Throughout history there have been some wills that caught the world’s attention with their odd and unique clauses. 

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21 Aug

Breach of an Employment Contract

When an employee breaches an employment contract, steps must be taken to ensure a fair and equitable settlement. 

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16 Jul

The Difference Between a Summons and Subpoena

Two legal documentations – summons and subpoenas – look similar but are quite different.

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05 Jun

Information about the Lone Star Small Business of the Year Award

Lone Star College is proud to support small businesses in our area. They do this by hosting the Lone Star Small Business of the Year Award.

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